Soni Kudi Nachle Na Lyrics Translation | Dil Juunglee Translate Meaning in English Hindi

Movie: Dil Juunglee (2018)
Music: Guru Randhawa, Rajat Nagpal
Lyrics: Guru Randhawa
Singers: Guru Randhawa, Neeti Mohan
Music Mark: T-Sequence

o brown tere baalan da shade soNiye
hawa vich jaande ne khillar soNiye
chaRh gi tu haaye jaise miller soNiye
please mainu tak le na

the shade of your hair is brown,
they give the impression of being to blosoom in the wind, O delicate.
you accept as true with intoxicated me worship Miller (a cost of beer),
please earn a examine me.

aa soNi kuRi nachle na
aa small one meri nachle na
aa mere naal nachle na

Come, O delicate lady, dance.
Come, O my small one, dance.
Come, dance with me.

slowly slowly pee soNiye
ho jaayengi Talli
shots laga ke hot tu lagdi
dekh dil huaa juunglee

Drink slowly, O delicate.
You’d get under the affect of alcohol in every other case.
For these who accept as true with taken shots, you look hot,
taking a examine you, the coronary heart has long gone wild.

aa prankish prankish maardi hai ankh soNiye
saareya nu peh geya shak soNiye
haan de aa munDeya ton bach soNiye
tennu koi chak le na

You prankish lady, wink your eyes,
everyone appears to be suspicious (that you just’re flirting with them)
beware of these guys,
make certain no one catches you.

aa soNi kuRi nachle na
aa small one meri nach le na
aa mere naal nach le na

unchchi meri heel soNeya
Tik Tok kardi jaave
lakkhaan da perfume haaye mera
munDeya nu taRpaave

my heel is high, O boy,
it keeps on making a tick-tock sound.
and my pricey perfume torments guys.

haaye zulfaan de tere haaye puff soNiye
munDeya ne laa lene kash soNiye
aa toR ditte botalaan de kanch soNiye
nazar bhar tak le na

the puff of your hair, O delicate,
guys are going to earn (smoke) puffs from them.
they accept as true with broken the glass of bottles, O delicate.
examine me to your eyes’ issue material once.

aa soNi kuRi nach lena
aa small one meri nach lena
aa mere naal nach lena

nazar bhar tak laangi
aa dil tera rakh laangi
main tere naal nach laangi!

I depart to search at you to my eyes’ issue material
I depart to eradicate your coronary heart,
I depart to dance with you… All Movies Songs Lyrics Dialogue Translate That formula in English Hindi

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