O Chandralekha, Jab Jab Tujhko Dekha Lyrics Translation | A Gentleman Translate Meaning in English Hindi

Movie: A Gentleman
Tune: Sachin-Jigar
Lyrics: Vayu
Singers: Vishal Dadlani, Jonita Gandhi
Designate: T-Series

o chandralekha!
jab jab tujhko dekha
aaye aisi feeling
first time tujhko dekha

O chandralekha
at any time when I saw you,
there used to be a feeling,
that I saw you for the principle time.
(Chandralekha is a lady’s title right here, though by the quest for, it is going to be a unsuitable title.)

aye maari tune aisi entry
hil gayi poori country
mere dil pe DenT permanent paR gaye
nazrein jo mili

you had such an entry,
that the final country moved.
there were permanent dents on my heart,
when our eyes met.

had se bhi zyada adorable tu
mere karmon ka fruit tu
koi hai gagan mein to heaven
jahaan se aa kar tu giri

you are staunch too adorable.
you are the fruit of my (correct) deeds.
there is certainly a heaven in the sky
from the establish you’ve fallen.

mere charche dar-ba-dar hain
bas tu hi bekhabar hai
most significant cheekha chillaayaa
tune muRke na dekha
muR muR ka na dekha

I’m being talked about in every single shriek,
it is staunch you who would not receive a understanding.
I cried and made a noise,
nonetheless you did not even flip again and look for at me.
you did not flip again!

o chandralekha!
jab jab tujhko dekha
aaye aisi feeling
first time tujhko dekha

I don’t care, if you happen to be pleased me
you know you don’t deserve me
you gain your ingredient, I’ll gain my ingredient
trigger you ain’t coming with me

mujhe na kar tu apply, flying solo
I don’t want no person
is raat ka maza lo
jaane gain na bro
I’m not your honey

make not apply me, I race solo.
I make not want anyone.
Have relaxing on this night.
let me chase, bro,
I’m not your honey.

o tere nakhre hashtag desi
lagte hain hashtag interesting
laRke tere aage peechhe gir jaate hain
chehra tera lagaa achchha
ik look for pe mar miTaa bachcha
kya bolun khwaab tere kahaan lekar jaate hain

Your tantrums are very ‘desi’
I bid they’re interesting.
boys fall shut to you.
I appreciated your face,
I used to be flat in one look for.
what gain I expose you the establish your dreams steal me.

kab se tujhpe nazar hai
tu mere naino ki sugar hai
par bhaav na diya kabhi mujhe ik bhi paise ka
mujhe ik bhi paise ka (aau!)

for a extraordinarily long time my eyes are on you,
you are the sugar of my eyes (be pleased an glimpse sweet)
nonetheless you never gave me any importance,
even charge a penny.

o chandralekha!
jab jab tujhko dekha
aaye aisi feeling
first time tujhko dekha…

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