Gori tu Latth Maar Lyrics Translation | Toilet – Ek Prem Katha Translate Meaning in English Hindi

Movie: Bathroom – Ek Prem Katha
Track: Manas-Shikhar
Lyrics: Siddharth-Garima
Singers: Sonu Nigam, Palak Muchhal
Track Label: T-Sequence

tere daras ko aise tarsoon
ke ab aaya mohe hosh
aaj laga ke maathe teri maaTi
miTaa doon saare dosh

I crave to search round you such
that now I if truth be told have advance to my senses.
currently I desire to rub your mud on my brow
and rub away all my flaws/sins.

tune na bulaya par major teri gali aaya
le le saare badle jo maine tohe sataya..

you didn’t call me but I came to your street.
take revenge for all of the cases I skittish you.

gori chhoR na piya ko tu aaj
jo aaye na ye baaj
lage meeThe tere vaar
gori tu laTTh maar.

O glorious girl, form no longer let your liked off straight forward currently,
if he would now not behave,
your hits seem candy,
O glorious one, hit (your liked me) with a team.

[LaTTh maar holi is a celebration before holi in Barsana and nearby areas in and around Mathura, where people hit each other with sticks during the festival. LaTTh is a traditional wooden staff.]

vaaroon tope saara pyaar
gori tu laTTh maar

I will sacrifice all my devour on you,
O glorious one, you hit me with a team.

haan… meri gori chunariya jo tujh tak pahunchi
tune rang Daari.. re tune rang Daari..
meri sooni ankhiyaan jo tujh tak pahunchi
huin kajraari.. re huin kajraari

when my white scarf reached you,
you coloured it.
when my desolate eyes reached you,
they turned kohled (and looked glorious)

meri bheegi najariya jo rain bhar jaagi
tere sang laagi re, tere sang laagi
teri meeThi si batiyaan jo maine suni
mere mann laagi re, mere mann laagi

my moist eyes, which remained awake all evening,
they met your eyes (i.e. fell in devour with you)
after I heard your candy talks,
they obtained caught in my coronary heart.

chhoR ke ye sansaar major to aaya tere dwaare
joRa tujhse naata maine toR ke bandhan saare

leaving this world, I if truth be told have advance to your door,
I if truth be told have made a relation with you, breaking all diversified bonds.

bolo radhe radhe, bolo radhe radhe
raadhe raadhe, bolo raadhe raadhe

hail raadha, hail raadha.

tujh par sab kuch haar diya hai
ab jo chaahe sazaa de
tu mujhse major tujhse door
dono aadhe aadhe

I if truth be told have sacrificed every thing of mine on you,
now it be up to you what you’re taking care of terminate my punishment to be.
you are removed from me, and I’m removed from you,
thus both of us are lawful two halves.

bolo radhe radhe, bolo radhe radhe
raadhe raadhe, bolo raadhe raadhe

apne kaanha se meri arzi laga de..

circulation on my verify to your Krishna…

gori chhoR di li maine ye Dhaal
tu rang de laal
meri bigRi tu hi sanvaar

O glorious one, I if truth be told have left this protect,
now colour me (on your colour)
and flip my injurious cases into beautiful.

gori tu laTTh maar
gori tu laTTh maar
vaaroon tope saara pyaar
gori tu laTTh maar

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